The Great Childbirth Taboo

The Royal College of Midwives has reversed it’s policy on natural labour but it’s too late to help the thousands of women damaged for life by instrumental deliveries

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School for angry infants

Inside the School for Angry Infants

It costs £123,000 a year to send severely traumatised children who have been multiply excluded from primary schools to The Mulberry Bush School in Oxfordshire, where experts help unravel years of abuse and neglect.

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Home Swapping

Once you start thinking of your house as a hot date, you will never again have to suffer the agony of coughing up thousands of pounds to stay in rental properties that turn out to be far less comfortable than your own home.

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Home Schooling

Across Britain, thousands of children skip school altogether. When the system fails, is home schooling the answer?

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Thalidomide: Call the Midwife

Fifty years’ ago, The Sunday Times played a crucial role in uncovering the Thalidomide scandal. As the story is played out again on Call the Midwife, I met the mothers and their who took it and their children who suffered horrific deformities.

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Middle class homelessness


Paula Daly owned her own home and business before losing everything. And she’s not alone. increasing numbers of middle class people are finding themselves among the ranks of ‘hidden homeless’.

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